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Thursday Nov 23, 2017
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Categories: Community Events, Government Sponsored Events, Business Seminars and Conferences

In the traditional Chamber of Commerce set-up, we were used to attending networking events in person. Africa Business Connect changes these networking opportunities by utilising the latest technologies and thereby removing physical borders or boundaries. You can attend our events from the comfort of your office chair. Events, such as e-Talks and Webinars are the primary mediums to host Africa Business Connect events (functions and education sessions). As an Africa Business Connect subscriber, you can also request us to include topics of interest for future events. Complete this short form

Request an Africa Business Connect Event

What you would like to be covered in the event
Do you know anyone who can host/present the event.
Name and Surname
Please supply the name of the company you are representing.
Contact number
Please supply your email address


It is of course up to our subscriber community to decide on the relevance of the requested topic. We filter all requests and our subscribers will receive an e-mail poll to determine interest.

Remember: The perceived value of any Chamber membership is always directly proportional to the level of participation by the member. In other words the more you are involved, and participate in events, functions, education, talks and presentations, the greater will be the value you gain.

If all we do is promote Africa Business Connect events, we will fail. We also promote YOUR events. In addition to publishing the normal events we’re all used to, such as Trade Shows, Expo’s, Conferences and Seminars, (this can be done from your Subscriber Information Centre) Africa Business Connect provides Subscribers with the ability to Sponsor and / or Host an event on the Africa Business Connect platform. These events take the form of a Webinar or e-Talk.

Request to host / sponsor an Africa Business Connect Event

What will be covered during the event
Who will host/present your event
Short Bio of speaker
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Name and Surname
Please supply the name of the company you are representing.
Contact Number
Please supply your email address


ABCONN will manage and promote the event on your behalf and events should ideally be focused on topics of interest to our Subscribers. You decide which Subscriber and Business Categories should be invited. We CANNOT accommodate PAID FOR events at this moment, but those will be coming soon . . .

Remember: Hosting or Sponsoring an e-Talk or Webinar on the ABCONN platform is subject to approval.

Not yet an Africa Business Connect Subscriber, you can also load your Events (limited information only):

Step 1: From the Events Calendar Page (Listed Format), merely click on “Submit New Event” as indicated below.


OR, From the Events Calendar Page (Full Calendar Format), merely click on "Submit New Event" as indicated below.


Step 2: Complete the Event Listing Request Form – Public Submission

Events Listing

ABCONN will Review and Approve or Reject your event submission.

Please note that becoming an ABCONN Subscriber is FREE, and you are able to add much more detailed information about your Events, such as pictures, videos and even maps. You will also have the ability to Manage your Events from you Subscriber Information Centre (SIC).

How to Load an Event as an ABCONN Subscriber:

Step 1: From your Subscriber Information Center, Select the events tab and Click on Add Event


Step 2: Enter all general information about the event


Step 3: Add a detailed description of your event


Step 4: Select the event categories so that members can search and find the event per category

Events Categories

Step 5: Post your event images, logo and gallery pictures to enrich your events page

Photo Selection


Step 6: Integrate a Google map or upload a map image to display the event location


Step 7: Link a YouTube video to your event page for extra media enrichment


Step 8: Save the event page as a draft for future editing or submit for approval